LRPC (HT) Strands

LRPC stands for Low Relaxation Prestressed Concrete Strands, also called HT Strands i.e. High Tensile Strands or PT Strands i.e. Pre Tension / Post Tension Strands.
IS Specification : IS 14268 – Class II

Why Low Relaxation Strands ?
A steel member that is prestressed and embedded in concrete, loses the initially applied stress exponentially with the passage of time. The utmost important factor attributing to this loss in stress is the stress relaxation property of the steel itself. By treating the steel through a thermomechanical process known as stabilising, the propensity of the steel to "relax" under a stressed condition is controlled to a great extent. Some of the main advantages that our customers derive by using low relaxation strands are listed below :

  • Upto 10% reduction in steel requirement is possible.
  • Saving in number of anchorages, ducts, sheathings, wedges and labour resulting in overall reduction of project cost.
  • Reduction in concrete requirement due to reduced size of structural members.
  • Thermo-mechanical processing during manufacture of LRPC Strands produces a nearly straight strand, thereby eliminating necessity for extra post straightening treatment.

Applications :
Prestressed concrete girders for road, river & railway bridges and flyovers, prestressed concrete domes, buildings, silos, hangars, aquaducts, viaducts & railway sleepers.

Product Specifications :