M. S. Angles

Mild Steel Angle is a structural material with cross section of 90 degree angle. The dimension is determined by the length and the thickness of the two sides. If the lengths of the two sides are equal, it is equal angle, otherwise it is unequal. It is used in all construction activities, fabrication, etc. Sizes available are as follows:

Equal Angles: 20 * 3 upto 200 * 20 mm

Unequal Angles: 45 * 30 * 5 upto 150 * 115 * 12 mm

Also available M.S.'T' Angles in different sizes.

IS Specification : IS 2062 Grade A / B

M. S. Channels

Mild Steel Channels have a cross section as shown in the picture. It is referred by the dimension of the horizontal part to the vertical part.

Sizes available: 75 * 40mm upto 400 * 100mm.

IS Specification: IS 2062 Grade A / B

M.S. Beams

Mild Steel Beams are generally used for structural purposes, supports to heavy plant, equipment & general Fabrication works. Beams are referred by the dimensions of the Web & Flange of the beam.

Sizes available: 100 * 50 upto 600 * 210mm as per IS 2062 (ISMB)

Also Available: Universal Beams / Pararrel Flange Beams / NPB / WPB

IS Specification : IS 2062 Grade A / B

M. S. Flats

Mild Steel Flats are basically thin strips of mild steel with the thickness of the strip varying commonly from 3 mm to 50 mm. Size is determined by the Width of the Strip & the Thickness in mm.

Sizes are also available: 12 * 3 upto 200 * 50mm

IS Specification: IS 2062 Grade A

M. S. Rounds

As the name suggests, Mild Steel Rounds have a circular cross section. It is referred in terms of the diameter of the circle.

Sizes available: 5 mm upto 200 mm

IS Specification: IS 1018 / IS 2062

Chequered Plates

Chequer plate also called chequered plate is a plate with a regular pattern of projections on one side, showing diamond or other shapes, with the reverse side being smooth. Chequer plate is skid-proof because of the projections. Chequer plate enjoys a good wearability, slip resistance as well as have a self-draining surface, and is thus generally used for stair treads, platforms and walkways as well as in automobile and agricultural sectors.

Thickness available from 3 mm upto 12 mm in varying widths from 900 mm upto 1500 mm

IS Specification: IS 3502

H.R. Sheets & C.R. Sheets

Hot Rolled / Colled Rolled are thin sheets which come in thickness ranging from mainly 0.30 mm to 3 mm. The most common width available is 1250 mm. These mainly come in form of coils and the length can be sheared to desired dimension. Sheets are used to form storage tanks, for centering and for automobile bodies. Also used for Control Panels and various other engineering jobs.

IS Specification: IS 2062 (HR Sheets) & IS 513 (CR Sheets)


Pipe is a term generally used to designate a long hollow body used for conducting gases or liquids such as water, fuel, gas, steam, oil etc. Pipes are also used for erection, scaffolding, drainage, water supply and other structural & mechanical uses.

Pipes are broadly classified as M.S.(Mild Steel) / G.I.(Galvanised Iron) / C.I. (Cast Iron) Pipes (as per finish & Form). Further, they could be either Seamless, ERW (Electric Resistance Welded), SAW (Submerged Arc Welded) and SW (Spiral Welded).

ERW Pipes are supplied as per IS 1239 (Diameter from 10 mm NB to 150 mm NB) & Bigger Diameters as per IS 3589 (from 193 mm OD to 610 mm OD)

Seamless Pipes are supplied as per ASTM A 106 Grade B in various thicknesses usually referred in Schedules (Sch 40 to Sch 160)

Hollow Tubes (RHS & SHS) and Box Sections are also available Confirming to IS 4923 / ASTM A-500

M. S. Plates

Mild Steel Plates are generally used for Fabrication, structural purposes, for making tanks, pressure vessels etc. and generally fall in the categories of either carbon steel or Alloy Steel. Plates are available in standard width of 1250mm which may go upto 3000mm. Thickness available from 4 mm upto 100 mm.

IS Specification: IS 2062 Gr A / B / C in Grades E 250, E 300, E 350, E 410, etc