TMT Bars / Reinforcement Steel

TMT Bars i.e. Thermo Mechanically Treated Bars are used mainly for re-inforced concrete work for housing, construction of bridges, dams, flyovers, roads, buildings & factories, etc. These are ribbed bars, generally categorized as per origin (Make), Chemical & Mechanical properties.

TMT Bars are available as per IS 1786 Specifications from from 8 mm upto 40 mm. They are further available in Grades Fe 500, Fe 500D, Fe 550 & Fe 550D & also CRS (Corrosion Resistant) Grades.

Cut-n-Bend Bars :

We can also Supply TMT bars as per Clients’ BBS (Bar Bending Schedule) in Cut-n-Bend Form.

The practice of cutting and bending bars at construction site is labour intensive, time consuming and results in material wastage, pilferage, etc

We supply ready-to-use Cut and Bend rebars as per lengths and bends at required angles, also in shapes as per unique requirements of Clients’ site. Clients can thus manage inventories better by reducing material wastage as well as complete the project faster.

FBEC Bars (Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coated Bars) :

Infrastructure like Bridges, Flyovers, ROBs, etc need to have a long life span. One of the hurdles for the same is Corrossion of rebars, particularly in coastal areas.

Humidity and Oxygen lead to deterioration of RCC Structures, the answer to which is FBE Coating. Whereas FBE Coating adds to the cost, it however gives the Structures a much longer life as well as adds to the safety of the structures.

Another addition to cost of FBE Coating is the to and fro transportation to get the rebars epoxy coated. We can provide our customers the best Quality rebars manufactured from Billets as per IS 1786 – Fe 500 and also Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coated at the same manufacturing location.

We are Authorised Distributors of Hariom Group, Bhilai for FBEC Bars and can thus supply our clients these value added bars at a much lower price due to savings in transport, always in ready stock thus leading to time savings as well as Quality Guarantee as these are manufactured from Billets.

Hariom Epoxy Coated Bars are Approved for project use by CIDCO, MSRDC, GWSSB, MCGM, MAHAGENCO, MHADA, MES and PWDs of various states.

Specifications : TMT Bars as per IS 1786 – Fe 500 / Fe 500D & FBEC Coating as per IS 13620

Packing : Bundles of 2 MT packed in Multi Layer Poly Sheets ensuring No scratches on bars.